online railway reservation system project…

This was one of my mini project in my third semester in Indian Institute of Information Technology – Allahabad. Our DBMS professor actually wanted us to get a practical experience in Database Management esp. Normalization, so, he gave different sets of project to different groups of students. We got Railway Reservation System.

Personally, I always wanted to work on a railway reservation project after looking at the Indian Railway Database. I’m not a great fan of their website’s interface or typography but few of their features like Train Running Time always fascinated me. The feature gives me the EXACT location of the train and its arrival/delay time for a particular station and the details of each trains are updated instantly. coooll.. wonder how they manage that stuff.

Ok, getting back to the project, we were basically asked for ER diagram, Schema Diagram and Normalization Tables. The interface was kind of optional as we had very less time. But, we made a satisfactory interface.. YAYYY!!

I could not complete the project as I had planned initially as we were given very short time to complete everything and we had our finals next week. I actually wanted to use distributed databases and make the interface very dynamic using ajax and jquery (something like But overall, looking at our time frame, the project was great and we were really satisfied with what we had done. :)

Maybe someday… I will get the opportunity to do a massive database project ;)

’til then..

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